....what we consider when seeking sustainable solutions for your project.....


design for passive low energy use while through orientation, glazing, efficient building systems and heat pump or heat recovery plant and services.


explore options for suitable sized and orientated solar PV and battery storage for resilience and minimising ongoing energy costs.

water use

high WELs rated fittings and appliances  with options for water harvesting where viable. Water Sensitive Design strategies for landscaping


from collaboration & holistic design processes we find  innovative solutions to the projects unique factors to drive new sustainable outcomes

comfort & Health

good orientation, suitable insulation & thermal mass to create comfortable environments that are warm, healthy & remove condensation and mould. 


choosing materials that have high recycled content or can be easily recycled at end of use, including how they are constructed

23.7 material.png


eco sourced materials, high recycled content and manufacture to best sustainable practice. design for recyclability at end of use

23.4 community.png


how the project can contribute and enhance the communities  social, economic, environmental and ecological structures and performance.


23.3 ventilation.png


ensuring there is natural cross ventilation with opening windows + thermal stack through skylights and insect screened louvres 


minimise waste in construction & in use with seperation of waste streams, organic material  composted and other materials recovered or repurposed.


landscaping to enhance native plantings with flowering plants for bees and native birds with fruit trees and vegetable gardens for food resilience. 


optimising buildings and neighbourhood structures to prioritise walking, cycling and public transport for health and environmental benefits